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Larry P.

You would never know that that place is so good! Located on a one way street between other shops and eating joints. Only 7 tables inside. You order what...

Susan W.

Honestly their poke tastes really good, simple with good sauces and fresh ingredients. I love the topping choices, and for you avocado lovers out there, it...

Hirsch Hyslop

This is my first poke experience and it won't be my last! I'm a big fan of sushi and poke seems to be a more "approachable version" of sushi. What I like about this place (I can't speak or compare to others) is that you can custom-build your poke bowl and choose your toppings and...

Leslie Filio

Poke bowls aren't usually first on my list of go-tos for lunch options, but I really enjoyed the poke bowl here. It was DELICIOUS! I love all the options for toppings and proteins and sauces. Major plus is you can get one scoop of avocado and one scoop of crab meat for no extra...

Tarik Aouad

Picture is of the extra large bowl with 5 proteins (double salmon double tuna and shrimp). Lots of nice free toppings to choose from. The place was empty when I went, but the fish was fresh and didn't appear to have been sitting there. I asked for half brown rice and half...

Ben Liniger

Love this place. Large bowl for $13 with generous portions, no extra charge for avocado. This is how it’s done!